How does Tropaverde work?

How can I be part of Tropaverde?

Being part of Tropaverde is very simple: you only have to register with your email or your Facebook account on this link.

What are the stars?

These are your points inside Tropaverde. The more environmental responsible actions you carry out, the more STARS you will get and the higher your rank will be within Tropaverde.

How can I get STARS?

You get stars every time you carry out environmentally responsible actions, for example, taking waste to a clean point. The list of places where you can get stars for your actions is in the Win stars! section.

They gave me a VOUCHER. What can I do with it?

What you have done is a responsible action! Well done! On the VOUCHER itself you have a code of numbers and letters. On the Tropaverde website you will find a text box where you can enter this CODE. Once you enter it, your responsible action will appear in your control panel and the system will assign you a number of STARS , which you can redeem for REWARDS. On the voucher itself you have instructions on how to redeem it for STARS. If you still have any questions please contact us at the email address .

What can I do with my STARS?

You can redeem your stars for the rewards of Tropaverde LOCAL SPONSORS. You can see the list of local sponsors in the following link, and redeem your stars for the rewards they have prepared for you.

I have already REDEEMED my STARS for a REWARD. What do I do now?

Great! If you notice, inside your REWARD you have an option to download a COUPON. The coupon is your key to enjoy it in the LOCAL SPONSOR you have chosen. All you have to do is print this coupon and give it to the LOCAL SOPOSOR to receive your gift or discount. The coupon has only one use, you must give it to the LOCAL SPONSOR in exchange for the REWARD offered. The coupons are not accumulative and a user can not repeat reward.

I want to REWARD the CITIZENS of Tropaverde. How much does it cost?

Nothing, 0 €, free. In addition it does not imply any commitment on your part, apart from designing a simple REWARD. In addition your data, photos, address etc. will appear on the web so you will have free advertising and, surely, visits from followers of Tropaverde to enjoy your REWARDS, which for example can be gifts or discounts. We know that your time is limited, so we do not want to give you any work. If you want to be a LOCAL SPONSOR and reward the citizens write to and a person in charge of Tropaverde will contact you as soon as possible to sign you up to the list of LOCAL SPONSORS and design an offer with you, in less than 10 minutes.

I would like to be a VOUCHER ISSUING POINT. How much does it cost?

Nothing, 0 €, free. Write to and a person in charge of Tropaverde will contact you as soon as possible to sign you up on the VOUCHER ISSUING PONITS list and design your star issuance plan.

How can I ask questions and make suggestions to Tropaverde?

Write to and a Tropaverde manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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